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Deer, while majestic and beautiful to look at, can wreak havoc on a person’s property and farmland. The experts at Ontario Deer Elk Farmers want to provide you with a solution to this problem. Our repellent and fencing services offer safe, effective and humane options to keeping deer away from your yard, garden or other space.

We understand how distressing it can be to find yourself in this situation. We also understand your desire to get the problem sorted out quickly and with no harm. We’re here to offer you a variety of solutions to help you achieve this goal.

The utilization of a proper deer fence is an effective and harmless way to keep deer away from your yard, garden, or any other area of your property. There’s a good chance that you’ve experienced the unwanted presence of deer on your land. This could be because you live in a rural location or simply because city expansions have entered into the natural territory that deer reside in. Whatever the cause of their presence, you know that you don’t want them wreaking havoc on your landscape. This is where a deer fence becomes an invaluable tool.

There are three different types of deer fencing that we will discuss in this article:

  • Steel hex web fencing
  • Polypropylene fencing
  • Woven wire fencing

Each have their benefits and drawbacks, so let’s dive in and discuss these fencing options in greater detail.

Steel Hex Web Fencing

This durable and nearly invisible fencing solution is composed of hexagonal cells that absorb impact when deer run into it. The cells are fashioned out of steel and then coated with plastic to minimize the risk of harm coming to unsuspecting deer.

Polypropylene Fencing

High-tech plastic creates a mesh-like texture that is effective at keeping deer away. Black polypropylene fencing is UV ray-resistant and acts as an incredibly cost-effective means of providing a barrier between your garden and the deer who’d love to munch on it.

Woven Wire Fencing

High-tensile wire infused with carbon steel makes woven wire fencing one of the most durable and long-lasting deer fencing solutions available today. It is also available in a wide assortment of height, sizes and configurations, so you can find the solution for any deer problem in any area of your property.

Fencing is a Safe and Humane Deer Deterrent Solution

Most people don’t want to inflict any harm onto deer who happen to stumble into their yards. But that doesn’t change the fact that the deer aren’t wanted there, does it? Fencing enables homeowners to safely keep deer at bay without risking any harm to the deer themselves or the property. All of the options listed above are highly effective, come in a variety of heights, and are durable fencing solutions that have been tested by thousands of users.


Whichever option you find that fits your problem and your budget, you should consider making the investment in deer fencing technologies.

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Deer are beautiful creatures, but that doesn’t mean that you want to let them get into your garden and start tearing up your landscaping. This issue is not only common, but quite distressing, as deer can wreak plenty of havoc when their presence is left unchecked. In this brief article, we’ve compiled 6 of the most effective tips and tricks to help you keep deer away using deer repellent – without causing any harm to your land or the deer.

Harvest Fruits and Veggies Right Away

If you have fruit or vegetable plants on your property, harvest their bounty as soon as you notice that it is ready. This gives the deer less time to detect the presence of something tasty and take your produce before you get to enjoy it.

If at all possible, it helps to plant fruit and vegetable plants closer to your home. Mother deer will be exceptionally bold when seeking out food for their offspring, but close proximity to your home can be an effective deer repellent.

Utilize a Motion-Detecting Sprinkler

Giving deer a harmless, little spritz from a sprinkler is a great way to quickly get them to leave your property. Motion-detecting sprinkler systems will pick up on a presence, day or night, thus giving you a bit more ease of mind when you can’t keep a direct eye on your landscape.

Keep Your Landscape Trimmed Up

Deer will always look for places with a great amount of cover to hide in, in the event of crossing paths with a predator. Overgrown trees and bushes provide hiding places that deer can use to comfortably hunker down on your property. Keep your foliage neatly trimmed to minimize this risk.

Build a Tall Fence

Deer Fences are obvious and effective deterrents against intrusive deer, as they provide a physical barrier between your land and the rest of the world. If you can’t build a tall fence around the entirety of your property, you can still build one around especially vulnerable areas of your yard, like your garden.

String Up Some Fishing Line

If you create a barrier of fishing line 2-3 feet above the ground, this creates a confusing situation for the deer. Confusion is, itself, an effective deterrent because deer will only wander where they can reasonably believe it is safe and accessible. If the deer is unsure about the location, there’s a very good chance that they’ll move on.

Get the Help of a Deer Fencing and Repellent Company

When in doubt, it is never a bad idea to refer to the professionals! A deer fencing and repellent company knows what it takes to get deer away from your property without causing harm or inconveniencing you.

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If deer are barging in to your property and causing you trouble, you don’t have to grit your teeth and “deal with it.” Instead, you can recruit the repelling and fencing experts at Ontario Deer Elk Farmers! Contact us today to learn more about what we offer and how our options will keep deer away from what’s yours.

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