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he Benefits of Antler Velvet

An excerpt from a Literature Review of Velvet Antler: The Global Market, Chemical Composition, Health Benefits and Factors Affecting Growth, compiled by Paul Burgio,Ph.D., supported by the Elk Research Council

The consumption of velvet has been increasing as people have discovered the dietary antler-velvet2supplements used by other cultures to enhance energy and well-being. People taking velvet antler report increased energy, increase mental alertness, increased stamina, increased sex drive, and decreased blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Mood stabilization, reduction of PMS symptoms and elimination of depression and irritable moods are common reports. It has also been reported as an effective anti-inflammatory agent for the treatment of the symptoms of arthritis and other types of inflammation.

The uniques health benefits associated with the velvet antler are caused by the biochemicals that regulate it cell physiology and cause the anlter to be the most rapidly growing ofrgan in adult animals. In 70 days the antlers of the North American elk can grow to over 40 pounds.

The antler is normally harvested in the latter phase of development, just before calcification. At this time, the two processes of cell replication and cell differentiation occur at different rates in different parts of the antler. The tip of the upper half has higher rates for both processes. The base of the antler has lower rates of both physiological processes and higher ash or mineral content. Variations in the biochemicals in the different regions of the antler therefore impart different health effects.