White-Tailed Deer Facts


Trophy Market

White-Tailed are the most sought after hunting trophy in North America. Hunting reserves pay a premium for Canadian White-Tailed Deer.

Urine Market

Collected White-tailed urine is a highly sought after product for the hunting market.

Breeding Market

As the Canadian White-Tailed deer is the largest for antler and body size, it is the most sought after deer for the North American market. White-Tailed deer have evolved over hundreds of years to our climate and environment making the species very hardy and disease resistant.

Photography Marketfawns-snow

The White-Tail is a frequent subject for wildlife or taxidermy reference photos.

Other Markets

A number of other products that can be marketed include the antler, hide and velvet to mention a few.

Vension Market

The White-Tailed doe is known for its multiple births and as such, weans in excess of her own weight annually making it a very competitive deer for the venison market.



  • Self-feeders are the preferred method.
  • Pastures consist of a variety of legumes and grasses.
  • Commercially prepared rations are available or grain/hay ratios work equally well.
  • Clean water should be made available through water troughs or bowls.

Handling Facilitieswhite-deer2

Handling facilities vary depending on the farm’s layout. Exposure to facilities that complement your specific farm layout is advised.

Parasite Control

Parasite control can easily be accomplished by use of oral applications in the feed or by injections.


Fencing should consist of 8′ high fences. Paddocks of 4-5 acres will accommodate one (1) buck and fifteen to twenty (15-20) does

On behalf of the White-Tailed deer producers in Ontario, we would like to thank you for taking the time to read this information. Should you require further information please feel free to contact us. We all work togerther to make deer farming in Ontario a successful endevour.